The Nested Skyscraper is the World's Strongest Building

 - Mar 13, 2010
References: gizmodo
Imagine a structure that could withstand an earthquake and most other natural disasters that Mother Nature could throw at it? Well, we might have to wait a few years or even decades for such an indestructable building to be created, but in the meantime we can gaze with wonder at the Nested Skyscraper.

With a carbon sleeve skeleton and covered and wrapped with fiber-laced concrete and steel mesh, the Nested Skyscraper is designed to be flexible and to allow for lateral movement so as to not crumple if struck with any object or cataclysmic event. One of the neatest features of the Nested Skyscraper is the fact that is solely intended to be built by robots. Guess us humans just aren't meant to build web-like structures.