- Sep 29, 2018
The top September 2018 media ideas explore the many new ways in which people of all ages are being invited to consume content, specifically with a focus on interactivity and bite-sized formats.

Short attention spans and the ease with which content can be consumed has created a demand for snackable content, which is exemplified by GIF film festivals, short-form video apps and text-based storytelling formats that offer a convenient alternative to reading a book.

In the same way that kids have been able to consume content from Barbie as a vlogger on YouTube, Hello Kitty recently launched her own channel as a new positive role model for kids sharing words of inspiration and motivation. The rise of the digital influencer can also be seen in Balenciaga's Virtual Army, which introduces diverse CGI supermodels.

From Cartoon Vlogger Influencers to Short-Form Video Apps: