Secret Cinema's 'Secret Festival' is a 5,000-Person, Five-Hour Event

 - Aug 16, 2018
Over the years, Secret Cinema has hosted intimate theatrical performances of Dirty Dancing, Moulin Rouge and other hit film favorites and this summer, 'Secret Festival' is launching as its biggest theatrical performance to date.

Each Secret Cinema event offers attendees the chance to immerse themselves into the world of their favorite films by dressing up in costumes and interacting with other at the event. While these events in the past have been hosted indoors and limited in terms of guests, Secret Festival will set itself apart as a five-hour, 5,000-person outdoor festival.

For its upcoming event, Secret Cinema will be inviting festival attendees to partake in the experience of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and promises "fierce feuds, high octane cars, immersive theatre, glorious music, and the most beautiful love story ever told."