From Male-Targeting Face Serums to Plant-Based Makeup Palettes

 - Sep 4, 2016
The September 2016 beauty trends reflect consumer demand for products that are natural, organic and plant-based. This can be seen in a variety of products that range from vegetable-based skincare kits to solid sustainable shampoos. A particularly interesting one is The Body Shop's newest launch, which will be a plant-based eye shadow palette that offers long-lasting colors that contain ingredients such as coconut oils, olive oils and babassu oil from Brazil.

Another significant trend that can be viewed in the month of September is one that emphasizes taking preemptive measures in regards to skin care rather than simply covering up flaws. This includes comprehensive beauty routines that consist of sun protection, moisturizing and taking care of body parts that are often neglected -- including feet. This move towards preventative skin care is one that is indicative of a consumer base that is becoming increasingly focused on health.