Kay Pike Recreates the 2D Comic Book Character With Paint

 - Aug 9, 2016
References: sploid.gizmodo
With the release of the Suicide Squad movie just around the corner, artist Kay Pike has taken it upon herself to transform into one of its main characters Harley Quinn.

While the soon to be released movie is not animated, the artist chose to turn herself into the comic book version of Harley Quinn. The proposed more of a challenge than simply trying to look like another person, since she had to make herself look like a 2D comic book character. After drawing, shading and putting in as many details as possible, the end result transformed Kay Pike into what looks like an actual drawing. When the artist stands still dressed up as Harley Quinn, it is difficult to tell if she is an illustration or a person.

This makeup transformation is quite drastic and sure to receive attention among Suicide Squad fans.