35 Ways To Relive Your Childhood

 - Feb 14, 2009
Peter Pan may be the most famous boy who never grew up, but the desire to relive one's childhood is a natural one. Adulthood carries responsibilities, knowledge and encumbrances that simply do not exist in a child's world.

Intrepid designers and innovators have discovered a way to channel some of the beloved aspects of our childhood in a way that adults can still enjoy. Websites like 'I Used to Believe' catalog all of the bizarre beliefs we held as children, while Jan von Holleben's photography of illusory flying children recalls images of Peter Pan and his Lost Boys.

Not surprisingly, fairy tales play a big role in reliving your childhood. Princess ball gowns, Cinderella-style glass slippers and real-life talking mirrors make it easy to transform yourself into a fairytale heroine, if even just for a moment.