'I Used to Believe' Catalogs Childhood Beliefs

 - Feb 14, 2009
References: iusedtobelieve & urlesque
As imaginative youngsters, we often invent answers to life's many questions; 'I Used to Believe' is a site that catalogs the best of these childhood beliefs.

Take Susan, who says, "My brother and I thought that Grandma lived at the airport because that's where we always went to get her. Then when we were tired of her, we took her back."

Or this anonymous confession: "I used to believe that "paraphernalia" was "pair of vanilla." I couldn't understand why people would be arrested for having two of a flavor."

In an adult world where innocence and naivete is punished in favor of responsibility and pragmatism, 'I Used to Believe' is a refreshing step backward into a far more lighthearted time.