From Costumed Video Game Critters to Pocket Monster Manicures

 - Dec 11, 2011
Many may still remember watching Pokemon cartoons as a kid with the adorable character, and this gallery presents the most adorable Pikachu finds that will take you down memory lane.

The incredibly popular Pokemon franchise has a collection of video games, cards, comics and books. The central character is the cute rodent-like creature named Pikachu. The vast number of items that spring up, every now and then, in a variety of industries are inspired by the Pokemon series. Be it Pikachu manicures, apparel, critters or cosmetics, the list is endless.

Pokemon has somehow become an icon of Japanese culture. From young to old, including both men and women, nearly everyone is fascinated by the pink-cheeked electricity-storing creature. These Pikachu finds are too cute to resist.