Pokemon Cars, Planes, Motorcycles

 - Oct 27, 2008
References: gamegrep
These zany planes, cars, motorcycles, and buses all feature a Pokemon theme.

In all of the Pokemon games you can use your ‘Pigeot’ or ‘Golbat’ to go from town to town, and now you can really fly in anime style in the Pokemon plane. The only thing we wouldn’t give to get a ride on it would be our shiny ‘Charizard’ card. 

Also, if you you buy a ticket, you receive a funky PokePostcard to send to fellow Pokemon trainers.

The ‘Poliwhirl’ bag and 300+ Pokemon cards in our attic finally made it down into our room and in our wardrobe ready for townage! And finally, along with our black and white game-boy, we find ourselves in the possession of some pretty cool Pokemon memorabilia. The urge to dress up our poodle as Pikachu is overwhelming…

Our father still insists that Team Rocket’s (Pokemon’s bad-guys) Jessie is the most sexy cartoon character ever made, so maybe the flight attendants should take a few tips and don every Pokefan’s favourite costume!