Face Food Bento Boxes

The Japanese bento box, or lunch box, dates back hundreds of years in Japanese history. The contemporary bento box has been influenced by pop culture elements such as movies, TV shows and manga.

The bento box is "Comprised of food crafted into visually creative, appealing and recognizable forms, and are as much about planning and preparation as nutrition," says markbattypublisher.com "What better way to make children eat than to turn their midday meals into cartoon characters and video games?"

Indeed, rice, tofu, fish cakes, hot dogs, seaweed are skillfully turned into the likeness of Cinderella, Pikachu, Daraemon, Super Mario, Piglet, Pokemon, Snow white, Spiderman etc, etc. bringing not just visually pleasing food to the children but healthy meals and snacks to go into their bento box.

Face Food by Christopher D Salyers is a book that not only tells about but includes array of images of these pop culture infected bento boxes.