From Cartoon Villain Cakes to Uncanny Space Creature Treats

 - Jun 7, 2013
Cartoons and the adorable characters that populate those shows are often beloved by both children and adults, and if you're looking to celebrate a birthday or special occasion in style, then these cartoon-inspired desserts will definitely put a smile on people's faces.

While cute animated characters are often associated with the type of subject matter related to little children, cartoons have come a long way in terms of attracting both a youthful and older audience. Through the use of pop culture references, sleek visual techniques and well-created characters, cartoons are becoming somewhat of a staple amongst modern day society. From cakes shaped like adorable villainous creatures to cupcakes with My Little Pony characters designed on top, these cartoonish dessert creations will have both children and adults satisfied with its adorable references and scrumptious taste.