Natalie Al-Tahhan's Essence of Pokemon Series is Minimally Mighty

 - May 20, 2011
References: dinosaursandcake
Once you've seen one of these Poke-portraits, you've gotta check 'em all!

Natalie Al-Tahhan's 'Essence of Pokemon' collection puts a picasso-esque spin on portraits of our most prized Poke-heroes. The 'Essence of Pokemon' name itself breathes an air of sophistication and that's exactly what this series exemplifies.

All of Natalie's images are composed of very minimal color palettes and they all follow a similar style of composition. Each one features a courageous character in front of a solid background, emphasizing the Pokemon's unique features and attributes.

Natalie Al-Tahhan's 'Essence of Pokemon' image series gives class to your favorite characters. Cherish a Charizard masterpiece in your dining room or hang a pristine Pikachu by your patio with these interesting works. Whatever the occasion, Natalie Al-Tahhan's 'Essence of Pokemon' images defeat drab artwork.