From Faceless Anime Creatures to Nostalgic Pocket Monster Toons

Pokémon is one of the longest and most enduring franchises known in anime history. Its cross over from manga to animation has proven to be so powerful that it has spawned a multitude of various video games, card games and several movies that inspired many Pokémon masters to be their very best.

The popularity of Pokémon knows no bounds. The art depictions that have grown out the of the pocket monster series range from wild minimalist art concepts to Nicholas Cage pop art mash-ups.

The Pokémon series is something many people from the 90s hold near and dear. Many of those people try to force that love of Pokémon to their younger peers that don't know any better, but the passion for Pokémon is something not easily acquired as proven by many sibling rivalries throughout the years.