Jonas Jodicke Renders Creatures from Folklore and Legends

Many people associate fantasy artwork with geek or nerd culture, but these Jonas Jodicke illustrations have universal appeal. Even if you aren’t a fan of dragons and phoenixes, you can still appreciate the technical skill and artistry involved in each one of these grandiose renderings.

The thing that stands out most when looking at Jonas Jodicke’s work is the colors he uses in each illustration; it’s as though viewers are staring at an aurora. His subjects often glow, demonstrating their power while also being a clever way to introduce visual contrast that’s pleasing to the eyes. His images are so well made, you’d think he digitally painted all these creatures from real-life references.

Funny enough, Jodicke illustrated a series of Pokemon in his fantasy painting style and it’s near indistinguishable from the other mythological creatures in his wondrous portfolio.