Snaps of Scary Santa Mishaps

 - Dec 7, 2008
References: popular-pics & popular-pics
Parents find so much joy in snapping a photo of their tot on Santa’s lap at the mall, and we get to relive the fun with these retrospective snaps of terrified children. It seems that once we pass a certain age, we forget how scared of Santa we once were and pass on this frightening burden to the next generation. 

The Internet has revealed a huge collection of photos that have been dug out from shoe boxes and closets to document this Scary Santa phenomenon. Both old and new, the photos always show the kids in the same predicament, either reaching out for Mom or leaping off Santa’s lap. 

I think it’s safe to put the mall Santa in the same scary category as the large costumed Disney characters, which often provoke the same intuitive crying reflex.

Dare to put your child in Santa’s lap this year after seeing these photos?