Amazon Treehouses

 - Jul 9, 2008
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Treehouse's are no longer a simple pallet in a tree. Amazon Treehouses are taking homes in trees to new heights. Designed By Gordon Brown, the treehouses are not just for children, they're for the big kid in all of us.

The Cedar Spire, a fairytale-inspired, two level castle built in a 500 year old cedar tree in an estate in Scotland and is one the most stunning privately owned treehouses in the world. The Monticello Treehouse, an adult retreat, was inspired by an Italianesque house in Charlottesville, USA, designed by Thomas Jefferson.

Everyone, whatever their age, deserves a special place in which to dream. A place of adventure, fun and make-believe for the young, or a haven of peace and tranquility for the escapist in all of us.

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