These Canopy Cabins Appeal to Adult Whose a Child a Heart

 - Mar 29, 2012
From Swashbuckling Playgrounds to Canopy Restaurants, these Tree House-Inspired finds demonstrate how the appeal for an arboreal abode isn't just a childhood phase. Many children ask their parents for a backyard tree house, making argument upon argument in their defense, but to no avail. It's refreshing to see that those who have been denied their childhood canopy cabin have gone on to create their own tree house getaways.

From eco-living to restaurants to theme parks, tree houses offer a wide range of creative possibilities. For some people, the call to nature is too strong to remain just a summer or weekend getaway; hence, there are those who've decided to call the forest their home, or at least their favorite dining location. Though far from roughing it, these Tree House-Inspired Finds fulfill that desire to get away from the concrete and established, and to just bask in the natural and unrefined.