Träd Enchanted Forest Shelter is for Organization and Amusement

 - Feb 2, 2009
References: yankodesign
Träd is a storage system and a shelter. It is a child’s very own space for real-world stuff and for the stuff of imagination and amusement. Spanish designers Josué Gamonal and Vicente Porres certainly put themselves in a child’s mindset when they came up with this take on the childhood playhouse.

When I was little, my brothers and I built ‘forts’ under the huge rhododendron bushes that grew two stories high beneath the tall porch windows of our house. Later, we built a treehouse. Grown-ups were not allowed. When the hay was harvested, we made ‘caves’ by stacking bales of hay in the barn.

The elegantly simple Träd provides many of the same opportunities for fantasy and play in a contained structure that can be accommodated in nearly any home environment.