The 'Treeless Treehouse' by Jeff Casper is Imaginative

 - Oct 8, 2011
References: coroflot & core77
The 'Treeless Treehouse' by Jeff Casper does not incorporate the shady trees in its structure, as the name suggests. Casper and his treehouse-expert friend roped in together to create an interestingly peculiar in-forest design.

Located in Bel Air, California, this treehouse has everything one dreams of in an adult-friendly fort. Since the land lacked trees, a wooden cone was anchored into the solid ground for support, and in order to enter this wooden chaotic structure, one must go through the hidden opening as seen in the gallery. The angular-shaped house gives a perfect view of the Los Angeles skyline when sitting on the open deck.

The Treeless Treehouse is perfect for the playful adult who enjoys more sunlight than the average tree-towering abode can provide.