Living In A Treehouse

 - May 11, 2007   Updated: May 31 2011
Cities are becoming overpopulated, everyday is more difficult to find a home sweet home, so this is the perfect moment to look for a place to live in nature... Do you remember when you were a child and dreamed about having a treehouse? Now you can have your very own treehouse with a cool design thanks to Baumraum an architects studio from Germany.

Implications - As the consumer world becomes more eco-conscious, the yearning for more environmentally friendly products that can incorporated into all aspects of individuals' lifestyles is becoming much more prevalent. Products that can take their planet-preserving properties a step further by creating entire eco-friendly lifestyles (such as theses German treehouses) are certainly going to be sought out by a wide variety of consumers. Companies looking to hone in on this increasing market of eco-conscious consumers need to provide them not only with green products, but green lifestyles.