- Jan 15, 2011   Updated: Jun 14 2011
Find sanctuary amongst the branches in one of these trendy treehouses. Not just for kids anymore, these lumber-made lodgings are a far cry from just putting a few boards together.

Cork cabins, 5-star hotels and sprawling modern lofts are a tribute to the strength, structure and diversity of treetop buildings.

From the cozy to the luxurious, the eco-friendly and even the invisible, climb atop these trendy treehouses.

Implications - Products that bring consumers closer to nature are highly coveted in modern society where technology constantly takes the main stage. Contemporary consumers desire a way to stay in touch with the Earth in spite of their fast-paced lifestyles. Companies could incorporate an organic element into their products in order to appeal to those environmentally integrated shoppers.

From Treetop Classrooms to Invisible Arboreal Abodes: