- Oct 29, 2013
If you've always dreamt of living in a large and historical home, then these magnificent castles will definitely offer up some modern examples of what traditional castles have transformed into today.

While castles are often associated with princesses and fairytale stories, the fact still remains that castles were once utilized as homes and fortresses by nobility in the Middle Ages. Traditionally created to soar high above and provide ample amounts of space inside, castles have become structures that are regarded as extravagant, grandiose and hard to acquire. These magnificent castle designs are here to showcase how modern day architects and designers are revolutionizing castle structures into modern day creations.

From minimalist castle structures to urban eco-castles, these magnificent designs are showcasing that anyone in this modern age could indeed have their own fortress of solitude with a unique contemporary touch.

From Contemporary Castle Abodes to $65,000 Backyard Castles: