The Augustenborg Green City Center by Deve Architects

 - Jan 27, 2010   Updated: Jul 11 2011
Thanks to Deve Architects, the Augustenborg green city center will soon have a modern-day castle.

Plans for the revitalized city center in Augustenborg, Denmark, include transformations of the city's old industrial buildings into more contemporary structures such as the contemporary castle nestled in the heart of the development. The Augustenborg green city center will incorporate eco-friendly elements like ground-source heat pumps, wind turbines, solar arrays and energy-generating kinetic plates.

Implications - Eco-conscious consumers are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to adopt green habits into their lifestyles. These consumers are curious about green sustainable housing as it would reduce their carbon footprints dramatically, as well as being a better option financially. Architectural companies can appeal to growing green demographics by designing structures that are environmentally friendly.