From Parasol Pumps to Profane Umbrellas

 - Apr 22, 2012
The coming rainy spring months will require a swift response, and these rainy day designs offer some inspiration. Whether on the way to work or at a gala affair, downpours are always unpredictable, causing many to run behind schedule, perhaps even ruining an ivory ensemble. Expert designers and fashion labels have released an assortment of revolutionary rain-ready gear, making it easier for consumers to face the cloudy skies.

Pumps featuring mini-colored parasols and profane umbrellas are only some of the products at the forefront of this niche. Brands are consistently looking for ways to draw in an intelligible clientele base. These unusual, if not entirely bizarre, concepts are accomplishing exactly this, especially by making the rainy theme appear amusing. Gloomy afternoons are seldom seen as anything but dreary, and yet, these shower-themed launches have all been playful, showcasing the upside of this natural phenomenon.