Geometry-inspired Choreographed Art by Julie Tremblay

At first, these just look a bizarre installation of umbrella clumps, but if you saw Julie Tremblay's art piece in real life, you'd realize that encased within each black cluster is a person. Moving in a choreographed way, Julie Tremblay's 16 performers tumbled around in a performance she and Nana Francisca Schottländer called "Everything That Happens."

"The movements of the performers and their interactions with the "umbrella-spheres" opened up to wealth of metaphors, from birth to death and just about everything in between, where the spectator was welcome to create his/her own story," Design Year Book described.

Check out pictures of Julie Tremblay's live arts piece that took place in front of Copenhagen' Town Hall Square, Rådhuspladsen in the gallery above.