From Festival Yogurt Shops to Shampoo-Branded Salon Spaces

 - Sep 25, 2015
These branded pop-up retailers range from festival yogurt shops -- a place to get a healthy treat while at a concert venue -- to shampoo branded salon spaces that are set-up with temporary kiosks. As pop-up retailers become more common among fashion and design food brands, they are also being embraced by the home goods and personal care market.

Standouts include Batiste's dry shampoo-inspired pop-up shop that featured a salon-inspired fixture. Opened inside of a highly populated London shopping mall, the temporary salon offered complementary hairstyles to mall visitors who were able to see just how effective the brand's dry shampoo range really is.

Other favorites include fitness-themed pop-ups and even toilet paper merchandising stunts that elevate a rarely talked about household essential to luxurious heights.