Onken's 'Urban Fruit Drove' Yogurt Promotion Features Dairy Treats on Trees

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: onken & eventmagazine
Dairy lovers will soon be able to visit a dreamy yogurt promotion pop-up from Onken, where tubs of yogurt can be picked right off of trees.

The two-day marketing stunt is set to reiterate the freshness and fun fruit flavors of the brand's new 'Greek Style Yogurt' assortment. In order to be able to pluck pots of Apple, Spiced Cinnamon, as well as Rhubarb and Fiery Ginger yogurt off of the trees in the Urban Fruit Garden, the price of admission is a spoon that visitors must supply themselves. Now that pop-up spaces are becoming so popular, encouraging visitors to bring some sort of item to gain entry has proved to be a successful way of enhancing an event's exclusivity, thus making it all the more attractive to the public.

Fittingly, the event will be set up on 14 Greek Street in London and will feature a towering six-foot sculpture of "Dairyus" in the style of a Greek god.