From Social Impact Collaborations to Mission-Based Investing

 - Feb 10, 2013
This Social Business top list of philanthropic business fusions call on what's been talked about lately in terms of "philanthrocapitalism" (which is also a book by Matthew Bishop and Michael Green). Earlier in January, the Wall Street Journal published a piece called "The Folly of Philanthropy" by Amity Shlaes. "Charity is a sideshow: What matters about the rich, if we are considering the public good, isn't their charity but their investments—their ideas about what to do with "slimey petroleum" and microchips—and the jobs and activity they create," Shales writes in the January 16th article.

From social impact collaborations to for-profit social ventures, these philanthropic business fusions consider what it means to meld philanthropy with a corporate mentality -- as if the two weren't already intertwined.