KooDooZ Acts as a Soapbox for Youth Entrepreneurs

 - Oct 25, 2011
References: koodooz
KooDooZ is "a social network for kids who want to make a difference," allowing them to gain service credit, recognition and even cash by creatively addressing humanitarian challenges.

The young social entrepreneurs use the KooDooZ social network to reach out to other youth, sharing their messages via videos in hopes of gaining support.

The profit-for-purpose business was founded by Lee Fox, also KooDooZ's Chief Innovation Officer, who is a strong supporter of youth philanthropy. He created the platform as a free learning (and inspiration) platform for students to use both in school and out.

"Site participants have to demonstrate a mastery of 21st century skills and creative thinking, by documenting and uploading their own spin on philanthropic-practices," Fox says on the site. "At the same time the kids have fun because the learning is happening peer-to-peer and it proves that anyone at any age can make a difference."

KooDooZ social network users have the ability to upload videos to share their ideas on how they would approach real world issues that range from the environment to foster care.

While the video above gives an overview of the KooDooZ social network, more videos of causes and youth social entrepreneurs ready to tackle them can be seen here, and a list of their challenges here.

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