'Root Cause' Consulting Brings Leaders Together to Solve Issues

 - Jan 28, 2012
References: rootcause.org
Rather than working with separate organizations and companies, Root Cause is a non-profit research and consulting firm that brings togethers leaders from various sectors to address social change. Their services include consulting, social impact research and social innovation work for clients in government positions, nonprofits, philanthropy and business.

Among their values is to "focus above all else on the social problem being addressed, regardless of organizational structure (government, for-profit, nonprofit), ego, or political agenda."

Their goal is to bring leaders together in what they call "a new social impact market" where knowledge and resources are shared across industries. Root Cause then collaborates with them to make the most efficient use of resources to create maximum change.

Root Cause, which is based in Cambridge, MA, was launched in 2004 by founder Andrew Wolk with a vision to use creative, entrepreneurial approaches to bring "twenty-first century solutions to old social problems."

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