- Jul 1, 2013
While these dance-inspired social entrepreneurs may not say that movement is part of their organization to the core, it is a way that they unwind, get exercise or even, for one of the men on this list, it inspired a documentary. For Sissy Rooney, however, dance workshops are indeed part of Street Style Workshop and other creative programs include sewing, spray-painting and beatboxing.

Here are a few testaments to the power of the body. "Morning affirmations and dance meditation also really help me bring myself back to what is truly important," said Amanda Fisher, the designer of social business Bachhara. "My kids plus loud music equals a lot of fun," said Emily Holdridge of the one for one company Everything Happy. Finally, Lily Lapenna of MyBnk's dance type of choice is salsa dancing.

This is How These Folks Get a Little Down Time: