From Exotic Character Containers to Plant-Feeding Plate Racks

 - May 29, 2012
Getting in touch with your green thumb is easier than ever with these well-designed peculiar planters. Vibrant shrubs and flora add life to homes and provide a picturesque view for the patio.

Planters provide a contained and secure environment for flourishing gardens. One of the most common faults for budding gardeners is remembering to keep goods hydrated. Some planters have built-in irrigation systems that use collected water from your dishes and umbrellas to keep those shrubs green with envy. Have no room for a spacious greenhouse? Fear not, there are a number of pint-sized planters that provide foliage for even the smallest city dwellings.

With countless options available in today's market, it is possible to grow your garden on your walls and to your floor. Infuse your abodes with lush green decor with these ingenious peculiar planters.