Root Vase Mimics the Elaborate Forms of Rhizomes in a Contemporary Way

 - Dec 5, 2011
When it comes to plants you can usually only see half of the story with their stems extending and offshooting deep beneath the surface of the soil. While the Root Vase does not divulge the underground activity of your fern or bonsai tree, it does celebrate the beauty and the mystery with its own intricate sculptural expression.

The core of the flower pot takes the elegant tapering shape of an ancient Greek amphora, manufactured here in a rough but beautiful concrete. The pitted texture of the heavy vessel is offset however by the graceful incorporation of its unique stand. A smooth material escapes from the rim of the Root Vase, branches out and extends to create a tripod base, elevating the inner urn. Vuk Dragovic molded fibrous perforations into the magnificent frame to conceive a striking work of functional sculpture.