The Wallflower Vertical Garden is Fit for Homes with Small Yards

If you live on a short, urban plot of land, the Wallflower Vertical Garden by Haldane Martin may be your only option for landscaping. The South African design firm has developed the system of climbing potted plants with the environment in mind.

Made of recycled roto-molded polyethylene plastic, the green wall planters can be fixed to walls with an intricate network of coated steel branches and trellises.

For ease of maintenance, the Wallflower Vertical Garden comes with an effortless drip irrigation system -- but a powerful hose or an out-the-window water valve will also do the trick.

The honeycomb pattern of flowerpots ascending the facade of a structure strikes a certain organic delight for the eyes. Planned to be revealed at the Design Indaba Expo 2011, the Wallflower Vertical Garden is sure to acquire a burgeoning base of admirers who can help kick-start this project's production.