The PET Tree is a Vertical Garden for Eco-Conscious Urbanites

 - Dec 7, 2011
References: greendotawards & designbuzz
The PET Tree is a conceptual urban gardening kit designed by DESIGNNOBIS. The PET Tree is designed to get urbanites gardening and upcycling at the same time, using plastic bottles as flowerpots.

The PET Tree uses old plastic bottles cut in half for planters. The system runs vertically to help conserve space. The kit filters water from the plants from the top down so constant watering isn't needed. A plastic covering also comes with the kit to create a mini-greenhouse. An urban garden that is easy to assemble is a great way to get those living in the city gardening. Here's hoping this design pops up in gardening centers of hardware stores sometime soon as it would make a killer Christmas gift.