The Deesawat Green Wall Provides Privacy with the Growth of Plants

 - Oct 14, 2011
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Partitions have to principal purposes which are to separate spaces and provide privacy. The Deesawat Green Wall takes care of both of these criteria best when it is stocked with lush leafy plants.

Designed as a way to bring the freshness of the garden indoors, this modular collection of lumber shelving acts like a set of interior trellises. Rectangular perforations between the vertical and horizontal beams hold half-height enclosed planters. They're checkered throughout every other opening and provide safe places for fostering seedlings. As the ferns, climbers, ivy and flowers begin to grow bushier, the screens become more impenetrable to one's line of sight. To fill out more of the piece's many ledges, books, sculptures and other trinkets can be positioned next to the plants in the Deesawat Green Wall for an enchanting effect.