Potogreen by Paule Kingleur Brings the Garden to Curb Guards

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: parislabel & treehugger
While every city must rely on infrastructural elements to make it work, there's no need for them to remain unsightly. When considering the case of Potogreen by Paule Kingleur, efforts can be made to dress up the drab, and Paris is of course the inspiration.

This French artist worked with 600 children to fill these pocket flower pots with everything from vegetables to colorful blossoms. While they bring aesthetic delight and fresh air into narrow urban streets, these suspended sacks are even made by eco-friendly means. Recycled milk cartons form the inner receptacles and old torn tent fabric contains the wax-coated cardboard boxes. Four of such pouches are stitched together and hung from the tops of these anti-parking posts, gracing nearby cafes and shops with the charming Potogreen by Paule Kingleur.

Photo Credits: Alain Delavie/Paris côté jardin