From GIF-Combining Apps to Imaginary Crossbreed Blogs

 - Nov 20, 2014
An overarching theme to the November 2014 Internet ideas are crossovers, which can be seen in everything from blogs to parody videos and apps. As ever, many of these kinds of mashups are created from a humorous perspective, as seen in an 'Slittens,' a blog that combines imagse of kittens and sloths, or images and video of people turning themselves into icons from pop culture with makeup and impressions.

Even if you're not coming up with your own online content, there are some great apps out there like GoPop that will let you layer one image or video on top of another in order to create an animated GIF.

Although some of these crossover photos, videos and blogs may be totally unexpected and a little bizarre, they never fail to be amusing.