'My Day With Leo' Lets You Spend an Afternoon With Your First Crush

 - Oct 21, 2014
References: mydaywithleo & boredpanda
My Day With Leo is a hilarious new Tumblr that superimposes pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio onto other photographs.

Who wouldn't want to spend a day with Leo DiCaprio? With those cherub cheeks and baby blues, wasn't he everyone's first crush? And though he may not have an Oscar ("he was robbed!"), he seems like a pretty cool dude. I bet he'd have a ton of stories to tell! He counts Tobey McGuire and Kate Winslet as best friends, and he used to date Gisele, for God's sake. I mean, the man has lead a pretty brilliant life, let's admit it.

The photographs range from teen heartthrob Leo to present-day, and the site has even expanded to include other celebrities.