The Official Social Justice Kittens Calendar Contains Cat Commentary

 - Oct 29, 2014
References: squareup & fastcocreate
As Fast Company's CoCreate so aptly puts it, the Social Justice Kittens calendar brings together "the Internet's two favorites -- unearned outrage and cats." Created by designer and writer Sean Tejaratchi, the 12 month 2015 calendar finally brings to life what was originally a fake posted on his blog. The concept is to combine pictures of adorable kittens with "a monthly dosage of questionable outrage."

Social Justice Kittens contains oversensitive commentary like "Every day I face micro-aggressions and micro-invalidations from so-called allies." The calendar provides a tongue in cheek response to a group of articulate people active online who seem to relish being offended.

Tejaratchi is also known for his series of social media self-help books, Twitter presence and The Big Book of Online Unsolicited Bullshit.