From Endless Jogging Ads to Feel-Good Sports Shorts

 - Nov 9, 2011
For those in marketing, the mega sportswear brand Nike isn’t just about great basketball shoes—no, to branding gurus, it’s the Nike advertising and marketing initiatives that really count.

While Nike’s co-founder and chairman Philip Knight knew exactly what he was doing when he and Bill Bowerman founded the sportswear brand (then called Blue Ribbon Sports) in 1964 and started selling shoes out of a Plymouth Valiant at track meets, it is Nike’s marketing team that gets kudos in my books. From philanthropy to simply great commercials, the Nike advertising and marketing initiatives that have been seen around the world are nothing short of amazing.

Inspiring to anyone with an athletic bone in her body, these Nike advertising campaigns and branding moves prove that the company knows just as much about selling as it does about fantastic footwear.