Nike Vapor Strobe Eyewear Helps Enhance Senses and Motory Skills

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: & theawesomer
One of the latest pieces of groundbreaking technology from Nike isn't the fabric they use on their shoes; instead, it's a pair of high-tech shades called the Nike Vapor Strobe Eyewear.

The Nike Vapor Strobe Eyewear specs aren't your average sunglasses. Instead, they're a high-tech device that's supposed to help improve your senses and your motor skills. During specific training sessions, the shades will reduce visual information that forces athletes to be more efficient with the limited visual information provided. It will help build focus, reaction time, balance and peripheral vision all at once.

The Nike Vapor Strobe Eyewear shades may be among the most cutting-edge pieces of equipment for athletes to use. It'd be interesting to see how this translates to different types of sports.