- Jan 15, 2013
Designers and home decorators today are constantly churning out collections of unconventional and quirky modern furniture designs and today's top trends spotlight a selection of some of these non-traditional pieces. (For more in-depth and exhaustive research on modern furniture trends, you will want to learn more about Trend Hunter's 2013 Trend Reports).

Designers are covering every corner of the home from bedrooms to offices to living rooms and even backyards. A common theme seen amongst these designs is the aspect of functionality. Many designers understand the need for more storage today due to smaller living spaces or the need for furniture to serve multiple purposes. A great example of this is cleverly configured beds, which are designed to be easily taken apart and put back together -- great for consumers who move houses or apartments often. The Void(an) Table satisfies consumers' desire for industrial yet modern-looking furniture.

From Functional Modern Furniture Designs to Eccentric Accessories: