From Passport-Free Travel Boarding to Reengineered Airline Beds

 - May 27, 2017
As the May 2017 travel trends reveal, there is an ongoing effort to make air travel a quicker, more comfortable and overall more seamless experience for travelers. This doesn't just mean reducing the stress of navigating a busy airport, but also making planes themselves more comfortable for passengers.

In terms of making airports run more efficiently, one of the most groundbreaking initiatives is the use of facial recognition technology. Currently in use at Heathrow airport, the process allows travelers to board without the need to continually show their passport.

Beyond the airport, the May 2017 travel trends also reveal an emphasis on elevating the in-flight experience. For instance, Hawaiian Airlines features upscale cabins that draw on elements of the island's spirit and traditions. Even more impressive is the Simba Air-Hybrid by Simba Sleep, which makes sleeping on an airplane more comfortable than ever before.