From Flamboyant Sportswear Styles to Manly Makeup Looks

 - May 31, 2015
These May 2015 fashion for men ideas range from manly makeup editorials to flamboyant sportswear collections that blend style with function. As sportswear continues to dominate the world of high fashion, luxury labels are putting an opulent twist on the classic athletic uniform. Merging style with function, sportswear's focus is more daring and visually bold than ever before.

In addition to sporty staples, these May 2015 fashion for men ideas also include androgynous looks that transcend clothing and move into the world of beauty. Manly makeup is no longer only present in conceptual runway shows but is also featured in countless editorials that blend masculine fashions with playful cosmetics.

On the marketing front, fashion for men is more experimental than ever. From contraband t-shirt packaging to sci-fi streetwear catalogs, designers are embracing freedom of expression and are showcasing products in conceptual and creative ways.