- Mar 31, 2019
Whether it's a kit that allows kids to create their very own robot or a doll that promotes diversity, it's clear from the March 2019 toy trends that children's toys have come a long way.

On the one hand, new technology has allowed kid's toys to become increasingly advanced. For instance, the new reality-enhancedLEGO Hidden Side experience gives kids the chance to use an AR ap to bring their LEGO models to life. Similarly, there is a new line of smart building blocks called LeapBuilders that combines tactile blocks with educational songs and sounds that support the development of fine motor skills.

However, the March 2019 toy trends reveal that there is also innovation when it comes to more traditional toys. For instance, Barbie's latest Fashionistas Line features a doll that uses a wheelchair and a doll that has a removable prosthetic leg. The idea behind the new line is to represent a wider range of body types and abilities.

From AR Building Toy Sets to Inclusive Beauty Dolls: