- Mar 24, 2019
These March 2019 life trends range from personal self help books to all vegan credit cards. A standout, Vegannection's prepaid card, is geared towards those who adhere to a plant-based diet and grants vegans 2% cash back whenever they're buying from a like-minded business.

Additional products to note include the 'Dear Monday' self-help book and journal by 1026. Making the journey to self improvement more custom than ever before, the unique book consists of 30 challenges that are meant to be started on Mondays and tackled throughout the week.

Other March 2019 life trends include LEGO's Birthday Studio platform which shared party and decor ideas with parents along with The Period Game from Kickstarter which aims to educate kids about the female menstruation cycle while removing the stigmas that are often associated with the subject.

From Personal Self Help Books to All Vegan Credit Cards: