- Mar 23, 2019
Tech intervention is a big component in this March 2019 autos round-up. As the world is moving toward a more energy-efficient way of living, car manufacturers are developing their bespoke electric concepts — from Harley-Davidson's venture in the eBike market with two lightweight models to Hispano Suiza's 30-inspired hypercar.

In addition, the March 2019 autos list spotlights another pattern that points to how technology is being used to better the driving experience for convenience and safety's sake. For example, Audi has released the Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory feature which suggests speeds in urban environments to ensure the driver waits minimal time at the red light. The EyeDrive, on the other hand, is a connected windshield display that can show information such as destination routes with minimal distraction consequences.

From Sneaker-Inspired Car Tires to Digital Driver Assistance Vans: