From Sport Vehicle Mud Masks to Mysterious Urban Cookie Vaults

 - Mar 13, 2016
The top March 2016 publicity stunts highlight a number of well-received brand events that succeeded in genuinely surprising and delighting consumers.

Jeep Germany recently launched a clever campaign through a collaboration with creative studio Parasol Island that applies the self-care movements core values to one's sport vehicle in a humorous way. Deemed the "Jeep Mud Mask," the campaign was selling a limited number of special edition cans filled with "100% natural" mud, which urban Jeep drivers were encouraged to apply to their vehicle when it is particularly starved for adventure.

Meanwhile, UK-based budget airline easyJet has opened a pilot store in London for their new grocery concept easyFoodstore, which sells all items for an impressive 25-pence. Intended to highlight the brand's dedication to saving consumer's cash, the store was forced to temporarily close immediately after closing due to the fact they sold out of their entire stock on their first day of business.