From River-Ensconced Hideaways to Organic Lumber Lodgings

 - Jul 9, 2012
As one of the most natural and classic looks, wood has always held a special place in architectural design and these magnificent wooden residences prove that this hasn't changed much. Long before concrete, slate or most other products used in today's architectural buildings, wood was the go-to material. Recently wood has made its comeback with magnificent wooden residences that are absolutely breathtaking.

These structures include homes, cottages and hotels. Decked out in various types and stylings of wood, they are incredibly beautiful and often rely on organic woods or recycled woods to create their unique look.

As one of the more upscale furnishings, wood can offer a variety of finishes, textures and sizes that other materials cannot compete with. Naturally beautiful, wood is a great way to complement the surroundings of your home and give the interior a lovely look.